Wipe Out Your Annual Impact
Wipe Out Your Annual Impact
Wipe Out Your Annual Impact
Wipe Out Your Annual Impact

Wipe Out Your Annual Impact

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Tax Deductible: Wiping out your impact is tax deductible in the USA. Keep your receipt!

Make your year #OceanPositive by wiping out the climate impact (carbon footprint and more) of your lifestyle.

Data is based on the annual per-capita footprint of each country compiled by the International Energy Agency.

'Wiping-out’ your climate impact

What does it mean?

SeaTrees works directly with high-quality reforestation and forest protection projects around the world. Each of these projects sequester carbon, while also providing significant social and ecosystem benefits.

Put simply, you’re not just offsetting your carbon footprint, you’re having a positive impact on the ocean - #OceanPositive

Every project SeaTrees supports is independently vetted in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (aka SDGs). Your support: 

Provides sustainable, long term employment for local communities (basically, it shows people that there is significant value in protecting a threatened ecosystem).

Helps build ecosystems that are central to the protection of threatened species.

Provides protection from storm surges to communities, while also reducing the impacts of urban/rural water runoff (aka eutrophication).

Provides long term sequestration of carbon (draws carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere)

Before you ‘wipe-out’ your impact…

We encourage you to take actions to reduce that impact and live a low-carbon lifestyle.

SeaTrees is a program of non-profit Sustainable Surf. Our mission is to provide engaging ‘on-ramps’ for people to make low-carbon, highly desirable choices that are better for our oceans - #DeepBlueLife

Most ‘better choices’ still leave a climate impact in their wake - hello SeaTrees!

Before you book that next flight - could you meet friends and colleagues digitally?

Before you drive to the beach - could you walk, carpool or ride a bike?

Before you buy your next surfboard - could you borrow, bodysurf, AwayCo-it?

Before you order the burger - what about a vegetarian dish?

You get the picture.

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