#OceanPositive Partnerships

For brands that care about the ocean

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Ocean Health matters to your customers

Climate change is the number one concern for people under 30 - driving their purchasing decisions and lifestyle choices.

SeaTrees provides purpose-driven brands with a turn-key, sustainability offering for those customers.

Impactful. Tangible

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#OceanPositive Case Studies

Wipe-out your brand's impact

By purchasing a 4ocean bracelet, you remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean.

4ocean wipes out the impact of their global operations by planting SeaTrees in Indonesia and Cambodia.

Wipe-out your event's impact

The Volcom Pipe Pro is a premier Deep Blue Event located at the famed Banzai Pipeline.

Since 2018, Volcom has wiped out the event's  carbon footprint by supporting high-quality SeaTrees projects.

AwayCo - Seatrees at checkout

Awayco is a membership platform that lets you search & reserve a global network of gear so you can travel lighter and try before you buy.

Reserve surf gear and plant a SeaTree at checkout.

Partnership Options

Wipe out your organization’s climate impact

Invest in the planting and protection of SeaTrees.

We calculate your climate impact you support best-in-class coastal reforestation and conservation projects to wipe-out that impact.

Customers Plant SeaTrees at checkout

Give your customers the opportunity to plant a SeaTree at checkout  - donating $1 to SeaTrees.

We provide trackable, transparent information for each donation received.

Share your story with your customers

We collaborate to tell your #OceanPositive story in a compelling and transparent way.

Engaging each customer on a deeper level - inspiring them to wipe-out their climate impacts - just like you have.