We have a Decade to Save our Seas

We're on a mission to restore coastal ecosystems - With your help
Andy Davis x SeaTrees Pin Andy Davis x SeaTrees Reusable Straw Pack An Ocean Garden by Josie Iselin - signed copy

Supports: Mangrove reforestation

Andy Davis x SeaTrees Collection

#OceanPositive products featuring art from world famous surf artist, Andy Davis.

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We plant trees in the sea...

Why? Because mangrove trees can be 5x more effective than a rainforest at removing carbon from the atmosphere - while also providing nursery habitat for many ocean species, such as fish, turtles, birds, shellfish, and... sharks
(photos: Octavio Aburto)

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Regenerate Coastal Ecosystems

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Dive deeper and wipe out your climate impact by doing some real good - plant SeaTrees in projects that you can relate to.

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